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Gordon Kolberg, President and Founder of Kolberg Ocular Supplies, Inc. Gordon is a developer of many medical devices dating back to 1960.

After 50 years as a practicing ocularist (artificial eye fitter) Gordon sold and retired from Kolberg Ocular Prosthetic's, which is now owned and operated by his son Erik Kolberg

During Gordon's practice he developed and invented many medical devices which he provided to local hospitals and medical clinics.  After one year of retirement and boredom Gordon decided to begin manufacturing his products for sale online and in 2007 started a new company called Kolberg Ocular Supplies, Inc. 

Kolberg’s list of accomplishments and inventions include some of the following:

  • Inventor of the PK® Titanium Motility Peg System used with the Bio-Eye® ocular mobility implant


  • Developer of a variety of ocular medical devices including: Post-op conformers for enucleations, steep radius conformers designed for post operative eviscerations.


  •  Sterile corneal shields and reusable autoclavable surgical shields used for surgical procedures around the eyes and eyelids.


  •  His medium-sized vented conformer has been packaged with the Bio-Eye Hydroxyapatite implant for over 19 years.

As of 2016 Kolberg Ocular Supplies, Inc. is one of the largest suppliers of sterile cornea shields and autoclavable recyclable corneal shields available. 

All our products are offered with a 100% guaranteed replacement or refund policy.

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