Buy Shields by the Box of 10 and Save

Whether you’re ordering for the first time or reordering shields/conformers from previous purchases, you may want to consider ordering a box of ten.  By purchasing by the box you save approximately 18% over the single device price.

And as an additional bonus, the shipping price for one device is the exact same cost as shipping a box of 10.  When the average cost of shipping is $8.50, it’s easy to see how this method of ordering can help protect your bottom line over time.

Price Comparison Example

  • Shields: One shield with a suction cup is $27.00 plus $8.50 shipping totals $35.50  If you order one shield ten times over a year the total cost would be $355.00.  However, order one box of 10 shields at $231.00 plus of $8.50 shipping and your total is $239.50.  

Wow! a $155.00 savings!

  • Conformers: One conformer for $16.00 plus shipping for $8.50 a total of $24.50. Order one conformer ten times a year and guess what that’s $245.00.  Order a box of 10 conformers at $157.50 plus $8.50 shipping and now the cost is $166.00, a great savings of $87.50 over the single purchase cost!

Wow! a $79.00 savings!

Think about it, saving over $115.00 on a box of ten shields or $79.00 on ten conformers is something to consider. Always Remember This…If you have any of our products that are outdated, we will replaced them at no additional charge to you. You'll never be stuck with any out of date lot numbered shields or conformers. “That’s a policy you can’t get from the other guys.”

Simply call for return information.

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