Autoclavable Corneal Shields With Suction Cup

Improve your bottom line with our new $105.00 per pair autoclavable shields with a autoclavable silicone suction cup. They can be recycled 20 times or more which reduces your cost per case to $5.00 or less.

Save More By Ordering Multiple Pairs Online

Every case is different and you often do not know what size shield you're going to need till your procedure starts. Having the proper shield size on hand for your procedure is paramount before you operate.

Our autoclavable shields are available in opaque white or grey.  The grey will block more light to the patient than the white, however white allowing some light through it may be more comforting to the patient.

Each pair of shields includes an autoclavable silicone suction cup for easy insertion and removal of the device and is easy to clean and reuse.
  • Autoclave the shields twenty times or more following the package instructions, included with each pair.  For safety the shields should be replaced if the surface becomes rough or scratched.
  • It may be necessary to replace the suction cup before the shields require replacement. Consider ordering extra suction cups to have on hand.

If you're operating around the eyes, "Our Shields Protect the Eyes and You."

Sizes Available

  • Pediatric: Designed for infants and very small children: Dimension 18x14 mm.
  • Small: Suggested for children and small adults: Dimension 21x18 mm.
  • Medium: Suggested for women and smaller male globes: Dimension 22x21 mm.
  • Large:  Designed for larger globes, vaulted for cornea clearance: Dimension 24x22 mm.


  • Each pair of shields is packaged non-sterile in a pouch with a silicone suction cup for insertion and removal ready for autoclaving.
  • Each package includes instructions for cleaning, preparing for reuse by steam autoclaving or with Sterrad® gas plasma.

Please Note! Shield Must Be Autoclaved Before Using.

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