Questions and Answers

Will the use of Corneal Surgical Shields improve patient comfort? 

The black Corneal Surgical Shield prevents the patient from seeing through the operative eye, thus reducing patient discomfort caused by bright operating room lights and decreasing anxiety caused by viewing the surgical procedure.  If desired we also offer clear shields with for procedures requiring a view of the globe or iris.

What are the methods for sterilization of Autoclavable Shields?

Autoclavable shields must be sterilized before use using one of the four methods describe below.  After use and prior to recycling the shields must be washed with hot water and soap and package in an autoclavable pouch equivalent to the original supplied Defend® pouch.  
  1. Gravity Displacement: It is very important to refer to your manufacturer’s instructions for operation, since exposure times can vary according to the design of the particular sterilizer that you are using.  A typical standard for steam sterilization of the Kolberg Autoclavable Corneal Shield is achieved at 250°F or 121°C 15 minutes at 15 psi followed by air drying at room temperature.  
  2. Pre-Vacuum Seam Sterilizer: It is suggested to consult your manufacturer’s instructions for specific details of operation and processing times for plastic devices using your pre-vacuum sterilizer.   A typical standard for steam sterilization of the Kolberg Autoclavable Corneal Shields is achieved by sterilizing at 270°F (131°C) for 10 minutes exposure in the pre-vacuum steam sterilizer chamber.
  3. ETO Gas Sterilization: Use standard 16 hour sterilization process at 50 degrees plus or minus 3 degrees centigrade for 16 hours.  
  4. Sterrad Gas Plasma: Low temperature Sterrad® Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Plasma process may be used to sterilize our autoclavable shields.  Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for sterilizing plastic devices which is normally 130 degrees for 25 minutes.

What is our method of sterilization for our sterile devices?

The sterile shields and conformers are sterilized using validated ETO ethylene oxide gas following the standard hospital sterilization protocol for plastic devices.  Corneal Surgical Shields and Post-op conformers are packaged in Defend® ETO sterilized pouches ready for use.

How is the Corneal Surgical Shield used?

To use the Corneal Surgical Shield, if the patient is awake, the surgeon should first instill a drop or two of topical anesthetic into the eye.  Grasping the shield by the handle, slide the shield gently under the superior lid and then depress inferior lid until the shield slips into position.  If using the shield without a handle, a silicone suction cup is supplied for easy insertion and removal.

What are the Corneal Surgical Shields made from?

Our Sterile Corneal Surgical Shields are produced from PMMA black opaque and clear plastic. The quality and finish of these shields and conformers are exceptional.  Likewise our autoclavable shields have a high polished finish, but are produced from a high temperature plastic suitable for autoclaving at least twenty times or more.

How many sizes are available?

Both our Single use Sterile Corneal Surgical Shields and Autoclavable Shields are available in four sizes, with or without a handle: Pediatric, Small, Medium and Large.  The shields without a handle are supplied with a silicone suction cup for easy insertion and removal.

Are the Corneal Surgical Shields guaranteed?

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed by our refund or replacement policy.  Return any product for a complete refund or replacement, no questions asked.

What type of conformers do we sell?

The acrylic conformers are packaged sterile and come in three sizes; small, medium and large. They are available either vented or non-vented.  FYI: 80% of the conformers we sell are of the medium size.

What about shipping costs?

Just think about it...Buyers sometimes do not realize that it cost as much to ship one surgical shield as it does to ship a box of ten.  It makes since therefore to consider your future needs and order an adequate supply of product to have on hand and in the process help keep your shipping costs down.  In addition you save about 15% when you order a box of ten.

Can I use my credit card to purchase our medical devices?

We accept all major credit cards including: Vista, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

We have a very secure encrypted shopping store that insures you safety and security when ordering with your credit card.  However, if desired you can call us to order product at: 866-259-5004 in the 50 states of the USA and provide us your card information over the phone.  Out of country orders can be placed with our online store or you can fax your order directly into our order desk for your complete confidence and credit card security.


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