Sterile Surgical Eye Shields

Product Description

Our single use validated Sterile Surgical Shields are designed to vault the cornea for your patient's safety. The non-handle style includes a sterile silicone suction cup for easy insertion and removal of the corneal shields.  The handle version of our shields facilitates the easy control of the shield while placing it over the globe or removing it after your procedure is completed.

Are shields are packaged, ready to use in individual Defend® ETO validated sterilized pouches.  If you are operating around the eyes our corneal shields will “Protect Your Patient’s Eyes and You”.

There are four sizes of Sterile Surgical Shields with suction cups or handles available to fit the globe requirements of any patient regardless of the patient’s eye size.

Having all four sizes available will assure you of having what you require during your procedures. A added benefit with us is you can always return any shield for exchange or replacement of out dated packages for new product at no cost to you.
  • Pediatric: Designed for infants and very small children: Dimension 18x14 mm.
  • Small: Suggested for children and small adults: Dimension 21x18 mm.
  • Medium: Suggested for women and smaller male globes: Dimension 22x21 mm.
  • Large:  Designed for larger globes, vaulted for cornea clearance: Dimension 24x22 mm.

Ordering Options

We have several options for our Validated Sterile Shields packaged in four sizes to meet all your procedure needs. A few are listed below, but we can make up any assortment you may want to meet your needs.  
  1. Order a single shield with a suction cup for $27.00@ or a shield with a handle for $25.00@.
  2. Order a box of ten all the same size, or assorted with a suction cup for $231.00@ per box or with a handle at $210@ per box.
  3. If you’re not sure what sizes to order we suggest you consider a popular assortment of: (2) Small, (4) Medium and (4) Large shields.
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